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January 20, 2017
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January 23, 2017

Multifunctional TV Cart/Trolley with Camera Shelf


The multifunctional TV cart offers complete solution by serving a variety of projection needs for businesses, schools and other organizations. The versatile presentation carts allow you to hold meetings with A/V support or simply to display information. The included height-adjustable panel mount supports TVs of up to 70 inches. It also includes height adjustable DVD/AV shelf and camera shelf.

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Part Number: 28092T

37″-70″ LED, LCD flat panel TVs

  • Pear-shaped VESA Slot makes the installation much easier by one-step slide-in
  • Gas spring counterbalance floats the monitor with a light touch for a customized placement to match your viewing needs anytime
  • Built-in spring gauge can be adjusted to suit various monitor weight
  • Extend and retract arm to move higher and lower
  • Swivel and tilt to change reading angles
  • Rotate from landscape-to-portrait without removing the screen
  • Slot on the base clip provides a place to store the Hex key for a quick adjustment
  • Cable management routes cables under the arm to reduce clutter for a clean look
  • Grommet and desk mount base suits most desks with adjustable clamp height


Instruction Manual

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